Fleener Petersen Expands its Presence in Appellate Representation

Fleener Petersen Expands its Presence in Appellate RepresentationWith the addition of Devon Petersen as Partner, Fleener Petersen is expanding its presence in appellate representation. Devon brings a strong background in research and writing with a history degree from Princeton University. Following law school, these skills were tailored to the law during his work for District Court Judge Hon. Norman E. Young. While Devon finds every interesting of criminal law interesting and fulfilling, he is most at home researching, writing, and arguing the law.

Fleener Petersen is proud to offer first-rate appellate representation. If you have obtained an undesirable result at the trial level, whether in state or federal court, contact us immediately for an analysis of your options post-trial or post-conviction. Whether it is in front of the Wyoming Supreme Court or the Tenth Circuit, Fleener Petersen will review the trial court record in your case, and identify any legal errors that may have been committed. The fight in your case does not have to end with a conviction, and Fleener Petersen is the firm to carry on the fight to the appeals courts.

If you only have one shot, make it your best.

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