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Unlike Kuebler, Fleener was fully aware before he got on the plane that Ali Hamza Ahmad Sulayman al Bahlul did not want an American military officer defending him before a military tribunal.

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If You Have One Shot, Make It Your Best

When everything is on the line, choose your advocate wisely. Tom Fleener is a nationally recognized criminal defense lawyer with one goal - to provide clients the finest representation possible. The founding partner in the criminal defense firm of Fleener Law, PC Tom has tried nearly 100 felony cases to a jury with an exceptional acquittal rate. Fleener Law, PC provides seasoned, aggressive representation that draws clients from across the nation.

Tom Fleener’s most recent high-profile client was Joseph Ozment. Joseph turned to Tom when the Attorney General of Mississippi tried to take away his pardon. Tom’s work ultimately led to the Supreme Court dismissing the case. From the prisons of Guantanamo Bay to the courthouses in Wyoming, and all places in between, if you have one shot, make it your best.


Miss Sup Ct upholding pardon for Joseph Ozment

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