Carol Miller Pischer

As the saying goes-“People come into your life for a reason.”
For our family those people are Tom Fleener and the team at Fleener Petersen Law.
When something unjust happens to one in your family it happens to us all!
We are eternally grateful for the exceptional job Tom did on the case, not only doing a thorough investigation, knowledge of the justice system, continued work on the case while dealing with the Covid pandemic, and the impressive way he aggressively defends his cases. He has done our family a great service!
Also importantly, Tom keeps the client and family involved with the whole process and genuinely cares on a personal level which had a tremendous effect with one of the worst times in our lives.
After all said and done we are honored to call Tom our friend!
We highly recommend the Fleener Petersen Law firm if you ever have a need for legal council.


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